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Salary Refunds

  • If an employee takes time off and does not have sufficient leave to cover those hours, the circuit submits a PAR or an email to inform us that an employee has been over paid by x number of hours (Rounded to the quarter hour).
  • We then print the last payment detail to obtain the payment information required to calculate the overpayment into FLAIR and to ensure that we are in compliance with state laws and have the correct documentation and/or backup to process the overpayment.
  • The overpayment calculation is processed, printed and then scanned/emailed to the circuit.
  • Once we have the employee’s personal check or the salary refund warrant, we provide the appropriate deposit information along with the checks/money order or warrant to staff at the JAC Revenue Section so they can deposit the funds and give us the deposit number required for approval in FLAIR.
  • Once the salary refunds are approved, the employee’s year to date earning information is updated. We then print out the approval confirmation and include it along with the rest of the salary refund documents and place it in the employee’s personnel file.

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