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Human Resources - Frequently Asked Questions

HR Frequently Asked Questions - PDF version 

New Hire Information

What documents are needed to add an employee to payroll?
What documents are needed when an OPS employee is moving into a FTE position?


When does payroll run? When is it too late to process an action?
Why do we need a new packet when an employee is going from an Other Personnel Services (OPS) to Full Time Employee (FTE)?
Why do we need to do two PARs when we have an employee who will be on leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) with pay until all leave is exhausted and then on FMLA without pay until their return?
What is the correct effective date to use on a PAR for employees who are going on Leave without pay (LWOP)?


I didn’t receive my insurance card. What do I do?
How do I add my newborn to my health insurance?
I’m still within my 60 days of my hire date, can I change my health insurance election?
I see that Walgreens accepts CVS/CareMark. Does this mean I can get my prescriptions filled at Walgreens now?
How long can I keep my children as dependents on my insurance?


What happens if I change employers or lose my job while participating in DROP?
If I am an elected official, can I participate in DROP for longer than 60 months or postpone terminating from DROP?
I am considering terminating from my current job and would like to switch from the Pension Plan to the Investment Plan. I currently have 4 years of service under the Pension Plan. What would I need to do to make this switch?
I have decided to terminate employment this month and plan to withdraw the funds from my Investment Plan account. I have been offered a position at another state office and would like to know if this will have any impact on my new job?
I took a distribution from my Investment Plan account three years ago and I am now returning to state employment. I was just informed by my employer that I am no longer eligible to earn a retirement benefit. Is this true?
I would like to receive a refund of my 3% employee retirement contributions. When can I request this refund and what steps do I need to take?

Post-Tax Benefits

Who is the third party administrator that handles our Post-Tax Benefits?
What is the name of the representative and CAS’s contact information?
What do Post-tax Benefits include?

Reemployment Assistance Program (formerly known as Unemployment Compensation)

Who is eligible to receive Reemployment Assistance Benefits?
When do claimants begin to receive a benefit?
What is a “base period”?
Are OPS employees eligible for RA benefits, and if so, why?
How is it possible that a current employee is able to receive RA benefits?
When an employee retires from the state and receives a retirement benefit, can they also receive RA benefits?
What happens when an employer wins an appeal and the claimant was already receiving a benefit from RA? Is the office immediately reimbursed?
Why is the office being charged RA benefits if they are not the last employer and they separated from them voluntarily?

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