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New Grants Training Requirements for State of Florida Grant Managers

Signed by the Governor on June 7, 2013 and effective July 1, 2013, (ch. 2013-154, L.O.F.), House Bill 1309, as amended, made changes to grant agreements and the procurement process for state agencies. Specifically, the law added requirements for grant agreements and “requires the Chief Financial Officer to perform audits of executed grant agreements.” Pursuant to ch. 2013-154, L.O.F., “The state agency shall designate an employee to function as a grant manager who shall be responsible for enforcing the performance of the agreement’s terms and conditions and who shall serve as a liaison with the recipient or subrecipient. Grant managers who are responsible for grants that exceed $35,000, as stipulated in s. 215.971(2)(a)1., F.S., must complete training conducted by the Chief Financial Officer for Accountability in Contracts and Grant Management.” Advancing Accountability training sessions for State Agencies are scheduled for 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM on the following dates in 2015:

  • January 14, 21
  • February 3, 9, 10, 16, 27
  • March 9, 19, 24, 25

These classes will be held at the Betty Easley Conference Center, 4075 Esplanade Way, Tallahassee, Florida 32399. Click here for directions to the Center. Contract managers that have attended and received a certificate of completion from DFS’ Advancing Accountability training since January 1, 2014 will have met the initial attendance requirement. Please contact the Bureau of Auditing at (850) 413-5512 if you have any questions.

Additionally, effective December 1, 2014, each grant manager responsible for agreements in excess of $100,000 annually, including those employed by judicial agencies, must complete training and become a Certified Contract Manager, as provided in s. 215.971(2)(a)2., F.S., within 24 months. Certified Contract Manager training and certification requirements have been developed by the Departments of Management Services and Financial Services. Available in late 2015 for judicial agencies, the Certified Contract Manager training will promote best practices and procedures for negotiating, managing, and ensuring accountability in agency contracts and grant agreements. Agencies served by the Justice Administrative Commission that require the Certified Contract Manager Training for their grant managers should contact Mr. Wayne Meyer, JAC’s Director of Operations, at Mr. Meyer will facilitate the scheduling of this training with the Florida Department of Management Services.

[For Judicial Contracts: Although judicial related agencies are not subject to s. 287.057(14) F.S., in deference to “best business practices” and robust internal controls, JAC recommends that managers responsible for a $35,000 - $99,999 contract attend the Advancing Accountability—Best Practices for Contract and Grant Management Training. Likewise, JAC recommends that contract managers employed by judicial agencies having responsibility for contracts over $100,000 attend the Certified Contract Manager Training. Again, Wayne Meyer will be happy to help facilitate the registration of contract managers who opt to register for the Certified Contract Manager Training.]

Memoranda from the Chief Financial Officer:

New Federal Grant Guidelines

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) launched new Federal grant reforms on December 26, 2014 for state and local governments, colleges, universities, and nonprofits. The new rule, commonly referred to as the “Super or Omni” Circular, streamlines eight Federal regulations (including OMB Circulars A-110, A-122, and A-133) into a single, comprehensive policy guide.

Among the many changes in this new rule, the Single Audit threshold was raised from $500,000 in Federal awards per year to $750,000. OMB advises that this change reduces the audit burden for approximately 5,000 non-Federal entities, while sustaining Single Audit coverage for over 99 percent of the Federal dollars currently covered. As an internal control measure, non-Federal entities will be required to take reasonable measures to safeguard protected personally identifiable information, as well as any information that the Federal awarding agency, or pass-through entity, designates as sensitive.

Any entity that awards or receives Federal funds will be affected by the sweeping reforms within the Omni Circular.

In accordance with 2 CFR 200.205, Federal agencies must have in place a framework for evaluating the risks posed by applicants for Federal awards before a Federal award may be granted. To facilitate part of this risk evaluation, all applicants (other than an individual) are to download, complete, and submit this form with their Federal grant application.
Source: Office of Justice Programs

DUNS Number,, and the System for Award Management (SAM)

A unique DUNS Number is required for an agency to do business with the US Government or apply for a grant. First, you will want to conduct a search to determine if a DUNS Number has been previously issued for your agency or to verify the accuracy of your number. You may conduct this search by clicking on the “DUNS Number Look Up” link below. This is important because you will need a DUNS Number to register with and the System for Award Management (SAM). If satisfied that your agency does not have an existing DUNS Number, follow instructions on the D&B Web Site to acquire a DUNS Number.

Florida Inter-Agency Grants Consortium Resources

Grant Policy for the Justice Administrative Commission

Grants Funding Opportunities [Judicial]

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